From Patches to Problems: Houston we have a problem-Alopecia Areata

So, 2017 was a terrible year. I lost 3 people very near and dear to me, most notably my father. On top of that, the job I did have was closing and the date of my final check was a moving target. And guess what the Alopecia Areata got worse. By the time I started my new job in 2018, I was counting down until April 1st for my health insurance to kick in. I remember this one moment when I was standing next to my co-worker having a conversation and one of my locs fell out of my head and onto the floor. I quickly picked up my loc and put it in my blazer pocket and continued talking as if nothing ever happened. I feared this would happen again, so I went onto Facebook’s Black Long Island Group Page and started searching for a black dermatologist. Every post response I saw in Black Long Island mentioned Dr. Osei-Tutu, so I knew I had to make an appointment with her. Great doctors like her are in high demand so my initial appointment wasn’t until June. By this time, I was crying more than I was smiling because I was losing locs and having difficulty covering it up for work. Finally, June came and I met with Dr. Osei Tutu in her Great Neck office.  As a new patient, I had to get tons of photos taken of my hair and scalp. It was terrible.  I had so many patches and bald spots. I felt hopeless. When the door opened, and Dr. Osei Tutu walked in,  I was hopeful. She asked me one question, “how are you doing”? Seconds later, I literally had an emotional breakdown in the exam room. I was crying uncontrollably. Below are the photos taken during that initial visit.

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