Joy After Alopecia is Growth. The journey of self discovery and living my best life feels so similar to the intrusion of Alopecia in my life. The outcome of both experiences was growth; however it is growth based on discomfort. Trust when your hair falls out all of the time, it gives new meaning to being uncomfortable. When the once annoying nostril hairs or imperfectly arched eyebrows fall out, getting out of your comfort zone has an entirely different meaning. The loss of locs I once cried about have nothing on the beauty I saw in myself as I looked at my freshly shaved head for the first time. GROWTH.

Sitting still and doing nothing also offers opportunities for growth and learning, in life and in my Joy After Alopecia journey. I sat still for a few months and observed my hair growth. Guess what? As I write this post I have never wanted to head to the barber chair or buy clippers for longer hair more than I do now. Not that I hate my hair or are even ungrateful that it grew; however, GROWTH has actually resulted in me seeing myself differently. The Alopecia Areata patches cause me to see both versions of me. The bald spot on the left side of my head is triggering. Parallel to learning my hair loss triggers, I have also learned my life triggers. The idea of all of my hair falling out again in an instant is bothersome and upsetting.

Did you know people, place and things can be triggering as well? My continued Joy After Alopecia Journey coupled with post age 40 self discovering has taught me that unpacking triggers are important. Identify them, name them, understanding the response it causes you and then address how best to deal with or manage the triggers (or now be triggered) for future reference. Now more than ever, self care is priority and protecting your personal peace is a part of that. GROWTH. In essence it is an intersection of hair growth and personal growth.

I choose to honor my growth, acknowledge my triggers, express my joy and shave my head. I choose to shave my head because I feel like myself now as a baldie…who knew that was even possible? GROWTH. The journey of self discovery is filled with growth and understanding similar to learning about your hair type, hair growth patterns and best products; it is all about trial and error. I have come to a crossroads….

Cyrus my barber from Prestige Grooming Lounge in Baldwin, NY

My Joy After Alopecia Journey is grounded on joy, inner peace, growth and being the best version of me. Being Bald and Beautiful is what I see when I look at the best version of me.

Listen more to my growth journey:


  1. Go girl!!! This is so awesome and inspiring. You ROCK the short hair too. Growth is an amazing abs beautiful thing.

  2. Awesome and inspiring! Self love, personal evolution and protecting your energy, are some key points that resonated with me.

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